A New Semester, A New Approach

Today, I am grading the first batch of assignment/assessments for my Art II and Advanced Art classes. Instead of starting with a huge project that only assessed a single standard, I began this semester with three 4″ x 5″ painting assignments. Each painting was assigned for a single day, with a day at the end for make-up, and a final day for evaluating and assessing. I strategically assigned the paintings so that we could assess all 6 classroom standards. This will be the baseline for the semester.

One of the problems I had last semester with my recording system was that some standards weren’t assessed very early, and I had to field questions about why there were open spaces in the grade book. Hopefully this will take care of that inconvenience, and also provide an accurate baseline for my students. This way, my students can identify their weaknesses and focus their efforts to strengthen this area.

Now on to the giant project… 6 weeks of acrylic painting.


About Mr. Miller

I teach Visual Arts in La Junta, Colorado. I am also an artist and printmaker. But more importantly, I am a husband and father to a beautiful and inspiring family.
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