Parent Teacher Conferences

Yesterday was the Trans-Am/Dakar Rally/Tour de France of teaching. A full day of teaching followed by an evening of parent conferences, a room tour for a local business, and my regular late night Wednesday college drawing class. 14 hours of school. It was a long day, but I’m not tired.

I’m energized!

Nothing gets my motor going like seeing parents latch onto the ideas of Standards Based Assessment. The parents I spoke to last evening voiced some concern about not seeing grades until the report card. But, they were all reassured when I told them about collecting a body of work that could be accurate in assessing a standard. I thought one woman was going to give me a hug when I told her that the number grade was just an estimate, and that I wouldn’t punish her child if he had a rough start in my class. I talked to all parents about how the standard score was a representation of the most recent demonstration of a skill.

Somehow, I also manage to build energy just by describing my method of grading. You see, I am using SBAR because I BELIEVE in it as the most accurate representation of student learning. When I have a chance to recount why I like this method of assessment, I become more passionate about using it in my classroom.


About Mr. Miller

I teach Visual Arts in La Junta, Colorado. I am also an artist and printmaker. But more importantly, I am a husband and father to a beautiful and inspiring family.
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